If He Does These 7 Things, Then He Truly Does Love You

If you ever get around to ask all of humanity what love is, then you’re going to get a mix of fairly different answers depending on who you talk to. But one thing is for certain, a vast majority of those people are going to want love for themselves. They will want love in their own lives.

There is so much negativity, devastation, evil, hate, and fear all around the world – and that can get very disconcerting. However, in spite of all that negative energy, love is still the one thing we all cling to as a species. It’s the one thing that helps keep us alive. You can hurl as many bad things as you want to a couple of people in love but in the end, they will still find a way to persevere and push forward.

Love is very rare. Love isn’t something that is too easy to find. But that’s also what adds to the novelty and value of love. You are always going to value something more if you know how hard it is to attain it. that is why you want to make sure that you never take your loved one for granted.

You always want to make sure that you stay deeply appreciative and grateful for the person who loves you the way that you deserve to be loved. And the key to that is determining whether they really love you or not in the first place. But how do you exactly go about that?

You can’t just be taking someone’s word for it. They might say that they love you without really believing it and that’s always going to end up in a problematic situation. You don’t want to be duped by just any man. You want to make sure that the guy that you’re with is actually someone who loves you.

And you can do that by observing how they are whenever they are with you. You can tell a lot about a man by what he says. But you can REALLY get to know him based on how he acts. If he does these 7 things with you, then you know that he’s truly in love with you.

1. He accepts your fears, anxieties, and flaws.

He knows that you are a deeply flawed and imperfect human being but he doesn’t make you feel bad about it. He doesn’t guilt you for having blemishes. He always makes you feel loved in spite of your many imperfections and shortcomings.

2. He really remembers even the littlest details about you.

He pays attention to the little things. He knows that the tiniest details are going to be just as important as the big stuff. And that’s how you know that he doesn’t take you for granted.

3. He makes an effort to stay in touch with you.

good morning texts for him

He really tries to stay in touch with you. He wants you and him to be in constant communication with one another. He doesn’t want you to feel like he is shutting you out by any means. He wants to make sure that you are free to talk to him about whatever you want.

4. He knows how you feel without you saying anything.

You don’t even have to tell him how you feel anymore. He’s always going to know. That’s because he makes sure to stay mindful of how you feel. He makes sure to always try to be sensitive of your mood and your emotions. He never wants to be acting selfishly whenever he is with you.

5. He tries to be the best version of himself because of you.
you mean the world to me

you mean the world to me

He is always going to want to make sure that he is the best version of himself whenever he is with you. He will want to be on his best behavior because your impression of him is really important to him. He always wants to be someone great in your eyes and that’s why he really tries his best.

6. He makes plans about the future with you.

This isn’t just going to be some kind of temporary fling for him. This isn’t going to be just another casual hookup between two people. No. What he wants is something real. He wants to be able to build a long-lasting relationship with you and that’s why he doesn’t hesitate to talk about your futures together.

7. He opens up to you about how he really feels.

And it’s not just the love either. He REALLY opens up to you about everything. He wants to make sure that his life is an open book to you. He wants you to know that he isn’t looking to play around with you. He wants you to know that he isn’t hiding anything. He wants you to know that he’s willing to open his entire world up to you and that you can always trust in him.

10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes

Celebrities, just like us, have small imperfections. However, instead of feeling shy about them, many stars figured out how to disguise them masterfully with the help of correctly chosen outfits.

We took note of several useful recommendations and invite you to look at the examples of famous women for how one can hide imperfections with the help of clothes to outline the advantages of certain body shapes.

Keira Knightley — an abundance of ruffles10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes
© Kristin Callahan / Everett Collection / East News, © Invision / Invision / East News
In order to make her breasts look larger, Keira Knightley often opts for dresses with elaborate drapery when she goes outside. Dresses with an abundance of ruffles, flounces, and folds add volume and are an excellent solution for those with modest breasts.

Kate Middleton — a waist skirt and a V-shaped neckline10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes
© AP / East News, © GEORGE ROGERS / SIPA / Sipa Press Russia / East News
Broad shoulders, narrow hips and a tapered waistline — Kate Middleton has all the characteristic features of the “inverted triangle” body shape. Clothes with skirts at the waistline and V-shaped necklines help the Duchess of Cambridge balance the proportions. The waistline skirt gives the hips the necessary volume.10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes

© Vianney Le Caer / Invision / AP / East News, © GEORGE ROGERS / SIPA / Sipa Press Russia / East News
While the V-shaped neckline visually elongates the neck, it helps the shoulders seem more elegant.

Alicia Vikander — a high waistline10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes
© Jon Furniss / Invision / AP / East News, © Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / East News
Alicia Vikander, who has quite a long body, learned to correct this specific detail with the help of specifically chosen clothing. The high-waisted dress (right) visually elongated the legs and balanced the proportions of the body.

Blake Lively — a corset cut and an extra skirt10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes
© James Atoa / Everett Collection / East News, © Patricia Schlein / WENN.com / agefotostock / East News
Blake Lively has amazing legs but quite a wide waist. At the beginning of her career, Ryan Reynolds’ wife would mistakenly choose dresses with straight free cuts, enhancing this small detail. Over time, she started to give preference to tight outfits with a corset cut and an extra skirt. Such dress models imitate the “hourglass” body shape, effectively outlining the waistline and giving the hips the necessary volume thanks to the correct draping.

Katie Holmes — a focus on the waist and dark tights10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes
© RTNStevens / MediaPunch / East News, © MEGA / Mega Agency / East News
Katie Holmes is one of Hollywood’s most stylish stars. Even her non-ideal legs don’t stop the actress from presenting her body shape effectively. As we can see, just a little accent on the waist and black tights can do wonders.

Emilia Clarke — a correctly chosen bodice and nude colors10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes
Even though she’s just 5’2″, Emilia Clarke manages to look taller with the help of correctly chosen clothes. A dress with a low waistline (left) played a cruel joke on the actress, stealing a few inches off her height. At the same time, the garment in the photo on the right lengthened the silhouette thanks to the correct bodice height and nude color.


Angelina Jolie — a waistline skirt and draping on the hips10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes
© AFP / East News, © 0000292 / Reporter / East News, © MARCOCCHI GIULIO / SIPA / East News
Angelina Jolie balances her wide shoulders and narrow hips with the help of outfits with a pronounced waistline and drapery at the hips — it can be a waistline skirt or a curved detail on the hips.

Irina Shayk — a tight-fitting silhouette10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes
© Daniele Cifalà / MEGA / Mega Agency / East News, © Zannoni Julien / APS-Medias / ABACA / East News
Irina Shayk can’t wear round shapes, but we never notice it thanks to correctly chosen outfits. The vertical curved line on the dress on the right, coupled with the deep neckline, effectively emphasized the curves on the model’s body.

Reese Witherspoon — belts10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes
© Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP / East News, © AFP / East News
Reese Witherspoon’s body type is “apple,” which is why the actress often uses belts in her looks. The focus on the waist removes attention from the belly and helps to create an illusion of the “hourglass” body type.

Charlene Wittstock — a voluminous skirt and halter collar10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes
© Paul A. Hebert / Invision / AP / East News, © Jeff Bachner / News Pictures / East News
Former professional swimmer and now Princess of Monaco, Charlene, has muscular shoulders and narrow hips. Clothes with the correct cuts help her to display her body shape effectively. This is done with fluffy skirts and halter collars.


Chloë Grace Moretz — a V-shaped neckline and straight cut pants10+ Clothing Tricks That Help Celebrities Correct Their Body Shapes
© Sthanlee Mirador / Sipa USA / East News, © Invision / Invision / East News
Chloë Grace Moretz has narrow hips, wide shoulders, and a shorter neck. But these specifics don’t stop the actress from looking dashing on the red carpet. In the example above, it’s a V-shaped neckline that helped her outline this body part, while the elongated flared blazer and free-cut pants balanced the volume of her shoulders and hips.

What type of body do you have? Do you take into account such recommendations when choosing outfits?

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What Your Sleeping Habits May Say About You and Your Health

Believe it or not, we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. That’s why it’s fair to say that it can shape our personality in one way or another. What’s more, it’s actually possible to get up on the wrong side of the bed — it turns out right-side sleepers find it harder to wake up.

we bundled together people’s preferences and their meanings for an easy sleep-related personality check.

2,000 Americans helped researchers.What Your Sleeping Habits May Say About You and Your Health
According to a study by Slumber Cloud, the side of the bed you sleep on affects your personality. Only employed US citizens participated in the survey and, as a result, some interesting information was obtained.

What the side of the bed you sleep on says about youWhat Your Sleeping Habits May Say About You and Your Health
The study showed that people who sleep on the left are not only left-brained but also like old music and drama films. On the contrary, people who wake up to the right are right-brained. Besides, they listen to rock music and when it comes to choosing movies, they go for action flicks.

Sleeping position: backWhat Your Sleeping Habits May Say About You and Your Health
Personality: If you sleep with your arms down you’re reserved and if your arms are stretched — you’re open-minded and relaxed. You have high standards not only for yourself but others as well. People value you for your listening skills.

Health: You might have lower back pain and this sleeping position can even worsen it. Besides, if you tend to snore, sleeping on your back might not be a good idea. However, there are also some benefits. You don’t get neck pain, because your spine, neck, and head are in a neutral position.
If you sleep on a slightly elevated pillow — good! This is actually the best position for heartburn.

Sleeping position: stomachWhat Your Sleeping Habits May Say About You and Your Health
Personality: You are unique, a true go-getter. You have high self-esteem but can sometimes be quite closed off and you prefer to keep things to yourself. In addition, you don’t like being criticized.

Health: You probably notice how deep your wrinkles are in the morning. It’s no surprise that this position is the best one to use to get good, HD-quality, wrinkles like crow’s feet or nasolabial folds. It’s likely that you also suffer from neck pain because sleeping on the back puts a lot of pressure on the nerves in your neck.

Sleeping position: sideWhat Your Sleeping Habits May Say About You and Your Health
Personality: If you sleep in a fetal position (knees are brought close to your chest) you are tough on the outside but deep down are soft on the inside. If you just sleep on your side, arms close to your body, you’re sociable and gullible.

Health: It’s possible that you don’t snore at night because side sleeping keeps your airways open. However, you might sometimes experience shortness of breath, especially if you have heart problems.

10 Signs That Your Guy Loves You Without Having To Say It

A lot of girls are prone to being very insecure about how they think guys see them. There are just too many untrustworthy guys out there who are so willing to prey on the insecurities of women. And for that reason exactly, a lot of girls end up developing trust issues with men. It doesn’t help that boys typically tend to be less expressive about their feelings and thoughts with women. And so a lot of women who are in relationships with men will find it really hard having to read the minds of their male counterparts accurately.

But what most girls don’t realize is that men are very expressive about how they feel – it’s just that they don’t typically use words to express themselves. Men are more of physical communicators than they are verbal ones. And for that reason, it’s more important to read into what he’s doing as opposed to what he’s saying. If you learn to pay attention to how he treats you, then you are really going to be able to tell just how much he values you in his life. Here are some non-verbal signs that your guy is definitely in love with you.

1. He always makes you feel like he prioritizes you.

A lot of what makes up life is the balancing of priorities. Various aspects of life are going to demand your attention and your energy. And you must know how you’re going to be able to divide your focus accordingly. So if he actually takes the time to be with you and work on his relationship with you, then that’s his way of telling you that he cares about you and that he loves you.

2. He willingly inconveniences himself for your own convenience.

We all have naturally selfish tendencies. As human beings, we are always going to want to conduct ourselves in ways that are beneficial to us. We always want to be acting out of convenience. But we are also always willing to inconvenience ourselves for the things and people that are most important to us. And that’s what he does for you.

3. He incorporates you into his social circle.

You know that he really loves you if he incorporates you into his social circle. He isn’t treating you like some temporary part of his life. He knows that you’re for real – and he wants the other people in his life to get used to the fact that you’re always going to be there. You are a permanent fixture in his life.

4. He likes to spend a lot of his time with you.

We only ever really spend time on the things that we love; the things that are most important to us. And so if he’s spending a lot of his time with you, then that’s definitely a good thing.

5. He doesn’t shy away from being touchy with you.

Physical closeness and intimacy is also a great expression of affection and love for another person. You always need to be able to find happiness in the fact that you have a guy who wants you to feel his love through the form of the physical touch.

6. He treats you like a real equal.

He doesn’t see himself as someone who is above you – he doesn’t demean or belittle you in any way. But he also doesn’t place you on a pedestal. He doesn’t idealize you. He doesn’t romanticize you. He doesn’t hype you up. He sees you for who you really are – and he loves all of it.

7. He takes a keen interest in the things that you are most passionate about.

He understands that you are a human being who is made up of so many different passions, interests, experiences, and stories. And he wants to immerse himself in everything. He wants to be an important aspect of your life as well. He really wants to integrate himself into who you are as a person.

8. He gives you space whenever you ask for it.

Just because he’s in a relationship with you doesn’t automatically mean that he thinks he is entitled to violating your boundaries. He still respects that you are an individual; and he would never want to make you feel uncomfortable by overstepping his boundaries.

9. He never flirts with other girls.

He’s really committed to you. He would never want to do anything to make you feel like he isn’t being serious with you. He’s always going to do his best to ensure that you are safe and secure with your place in his life. He is never going to want to make you feel like you are just a mere option to him. He will want to make you feel like you are his one and only.

10. He is consistent with his efforts for you.

He doesn’t play hot and cold games with you. He’s really with you – every single day. He isn’t going to be inconsistent with his efforts at all. He’s someone you can always rely on to be there for you at all times.

10 RED FLAGS in relationships

Let’s face it, as soon as we get into a relationship we think it’s just perfect! Nothing in our lives has ever come close to something this amazing and it’s probably going to stay like this forever. But a few months later, when you both come back to the reality, when constant chatting and everyday meet up’s seem to lessen, that’s where you start wondering if this is the real deal.
If he/she is the one! And that’s where you need your emotions to take a back seat and plain ole’ logic play its role!
So here are a few things that I have personally experienced or have seen happen so many times. It’s the rule book for me now.

The first ever red flag that you will come across in a relationship is this. How often your significant other keeps his/her promise? Or even if they don’t, how often do they really try hard to keep them. We do not want to go crazy and start disregarding all the efforts that they make but just sit down and observe.
Do they promise too quickly before really giving it a real thought which eventually leads to an unfulfilled promise? If yes, then he/ she is someone who will continue to do that and you will end up being frustrated every time.

The second and one of the most painful red flags that you just do not want in your life.
It is a huge NO! As soon as you see this happening in your relationship, you either need to fix it or prepare your bags. Someone who truly loves you will never make you feel bad about something you already feel ashamed of. May it be your weight, your feet, the causes you support, the way your family is or your past.
We all carry that closet full of skeletons with us and someone who is ready to love you for life will accept you with it. If he/ she doesn’t, then their place is in that closet as well! At first try and talk it out, be very clear in explaining how much this behavior affects you. Hopefully that will change things but if they don’t then you should know that’s how it’s going to be all your life. Can you deal with that?

This red flag is one of its kind (which I have personally witnessed a really close friend go through). It is like the best and the worst thing that can ever happen to you. Such people would initially go out unrealistically out of their ways to do things for you. They would leave their friends and family just to be with you.
Nothing in their lives will ever exist without you in it, how ideal does that sound? But wait! Here is when it all comes tumbling down. No human would give more than they receive, eventually. They would soon start expecting you to do the same. Anything that they feel has even slight importance for you in your life will eventually become a problem for them. Naturally when someone gives up everything for someone they only have that one person now and they become extremely cautious about losing that person to someone or something.

Remember, it’s always good if your partner is striking the balance in his life.

As high as I am on privacy there are times where these small acts can really help you tell if your partner is hiding something or not. You shouldn’t go all Desperate-housewives on him/ her, reading messages or secretly logging into Facebook accounts to keep a check. All you need to do is observe your partner’s behaviour when you are in the room and he/she is chatting with someone. Does he get uncomfortable? You should talk it out with him, calmly. If he values you and wants you not to feel that way, he will let you in himself. If he retaliates and makes a fuss about privacy and that he has his own life etc, Be careful!
I needed clarity in a two years old relationship once; all I had to do was ask him who he was chatting with. It baffled him completely. I knew something was wrong that day!

Every relationship has its fair share of fights and arguments. Every couple badmouths when angry but every couple has their lines drawn as well. We all tell our deepest secrets to our partners and expect that they would respect not mentioning them or reminding you of them. Yet, when your partner starts to bring them up in fights to humiliate you or to belittle you, know that, that’s the red flag you don’t want!

If a person tortures you with the things he knows will hurt you the most, STOP. Just stop!
They don’t deserve you.

There is no explanation that I need to give to tell you how wrong this is. May it be physical, mental, verbal or emotional it’s just wrong and no force in the world can make it right. No kind of abuse is OKAY. Someone who abuses you emotionally will soon start abusing you verbally. A person who abuses you verbally will soon start abusing you physically. There is no end to this. As soon as you see this happening it’s time for you to jump out of this plane. Don’t care if the landing will hurt, it’s supposed to. Don’t care about what will happen to you without him, you were fine before and you’ll be fine now. Just take a leap of faith because, trust me, ANYTHING you go through will be better than this.

Red Flag Alert!
Even if you two are in that honeymoon phase, insulting someone inappropriately or belittling someone is a huge red flag for something that might happen in the future. People who do not respect others will eventually act the same way with you. At first you might feel you can take it just because you love your partner so much but everyone’s patience runs out at some point in time and then everything is too ugly and hurtful to even try working on.

As small as it seems to be.
This is one of the best fore-telling red flags in a relationship. Regardless your partner is a man or a woman, crying on every small thing tells a lot about the person’s nature.
Not that crying is bad, it’s absolutely normal to cry from time to time for men and women, both.
It only gets alarming when your partner cries whenever it’s their fault or whenever you confront him.
Crying usually is an easy way out of things for such people. I know this because I have dealt with this, seen this again and again. To avoid conflict, to not be blamed for something they did wrong. How?
Well, it’s easy, what do you do when a person is crying his/her eyes out… You let the thing go.
If that’s how every conflict ends in your relationship either get use to letting things go or let this person go once and for all.

Never ever take things your partner does for- granted and let yourself be taken for granted as well.
Everything you do, even if it is the millionth time should be appreciated and if not appreciated at least shouldn’t be taken as your DUTY. Make it clear to your partner that whatever you compromise on or do, you do out of love and respect for them. Once your partner takes you for granted there is a long list he/she will have of the things you never did for them. You will always be too much of that or too less for this.
You will always feel incapable and insufficient and that’s not how you are meant to feel.


You have just read everything you needed to know, yet still in your heart you want to be clearer. So here is what you do! Sit back, take a deep breath. First of all, know that you’re going to be fine no matter what happens. Things will go on, that’s how it works so don’t be scared of thinking out loud at the moment. It’s just you who’s listening. Clear your mind completely and just take the name of your partner. As soon as you do that, what’s the first thing you feel? What’s that instant feeling you get? If it’s love, happiness, care… You shouldn’t let go. If it’s hurt, sorrow, fear, frustration… it’s time to let go.

8 Secrets from Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup Artist That Turned an Ordinary Girl Into a Style Icon

Allan “Whitey” Snyder was the makeup artist, stylist, and close personal friend of Marilyn Monroe. He was the man responsible for turning a sweet but somewhat ordinary-looking young woman into an icon whose beauty is revered around the world to this day.

We at Bright Side have put together a collection of this master’s main beauty tricks. They still work brilliantly today.

1. Moist makeup for the eyes
8 Secrets from Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup Artist That Turned an Ordinary Girl Into a Style Icon
© Milton Greene
At one time this was considered the height of sexuality. In the absence of modern kinds of metallic eye shadows, Allan simply applied a thin layer of Vaseline or coconut oil over the top of compact layers of ordinary eye shadows.

2. Vaseline under foundation
Allan always applied a thin layer of Vaseline before adding foundation. This helps to moisturize the skin and give it more radiance under camera lights. Nowadays, the vast array of foundation creams available can make it a real headache to choose one, and this method doesn’t always work. However, it shouldn’t be discounted entirely – adding a little to your cheekbones and under the eyebrows can still help you stand out.

3. How to give your lips more volume
In an era when lips weren’t enlarged by means of injections, stylists had to resort to various tricks to make them stand out, including one method which involved no less than five different shades of makeup. To create the illusion of depth, Allan drew on the lips using a chocolate-colored eye pencil. Next a brick-red color was brushed in from the periphery to the center. A bright red pencil was then used, with Allan moving out from the center to mix the colors together. To avoid spoiling the sense of fullness and depth to the lips, Allan wielded these pencils as carefully as possible. He then drew a spot in the center of the lower lip using a cream-colored highlighter and completed the procedure by applying a thick layer of balsam (not lip gloss) over the top.


4. Expressive eyeliner
8 Secrets from Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup Artist That Turned an Ordinary Girl Into a Style Iconrets from Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup Artist That Turned an Ordinary Girl Into a Style Icon
© 20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Allan always combined several layers of eyeliner. He emphasized the contours of the eyes using a black and brown eyeliner, then a white one for the inner and outer corners of the eyes, and finally he added a couple of red spots to make the eyes look brighter.

5. The secret of white eye shadow
Greta Garbo’s style revealed one particular makeup trick that Allan was able to successfully apply to his muse. To draw attention to her eyes, he applied white eye shadow in powder form to her eyelids. In the inner corner of her eyes he applied a small spot of similarly colored eye shadow, only this time it had a pearl-like texture.

6. Visually reducing the size of the nose
Although Marilyn Monroe had rhinoplasty, she still believed her nose was too big. To overcome this concern, her makeup artist simply applied a little pink blusher to the tip of her nose.

7. Working with eyelashes
8 Secrets from Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup Artist That Turned an Ordinary Girl Into a Style Icon
Marilyn and her stylist always made sure to split false eyelashes in two, attaching them only on the outer side. This helped to make Marilyn’s eyes appear elongated and almond shaped.

8. The shape of the eyebrows
method he liked to use with Marilyn: he would always emphasize their shape, trying to make them appear “triangular.” He did this in the first instance to visually reduce the size of her forehead. In this case, Allan’s method worked, although giving the eyebrows a triangular appearance does run the risk of looking like “little roofs.”

11 Signs That You Are In A Real Committed Romance

How can you tell if you’re in a relationship that’s actually the real deal? How do you know if you can actually count on your significant other to stay committed to you? Relationships are so dynamic and volatile. They can be very hard to predict or contain.

Just because you’ve defined the relationship and you’ve put a label to things doesn’t necessarily mean that you can assure yourself of the level of commitment in your romance. More than labels and words, commitment is really manifested through actions.

But what actions are these? Well, if you’re totally insecure about the level of commitment in your relationship, you don’t have to fret. There are certain signs and signals that you can be on the lookout for to help you put your mind at ease.

If you find that a lot of the things that are listed in this article can apply to your relationship, then be proud. You are in a real committed romance with your significant other. Just enjoy the love that you have and make sure that you don’t take it for granted.

1. You make it a point to spend lots of time with each other.

Time is the most precious and valuable thing that you could ever give to another person. It’s precious because people never really do make time for the things that aren’t important to them. So if you and your partner are consciously making time for each other, it just goes to show that you really are committed to your love for one another.

2. You buy random things that you know the other would appreciate.

It doesn’t have to be something grand. Even something as simple as bringing home your partner’s favorite dish from a nearby restaurant is a clear indicator of serious commitment to one another.

3 You give each other the key to your house or apartment (if you don’t already live with one another).

No one would ever just nonchalantly hand out the keys to their home or apartment without reason. If you and your partner give each other full access to your homes, then that’s a huge sign that you’re really committing to each other. There are no more closed doors in your relationship at all.

4. You broadcast your commitment to each other on social media.

In this day and age, there’s no downplaying the prominence of social media in social interactions. If you and your partner are essentially broadcasting your relationship on social media, you are also declaring to the world that you’re really serious about the love that you have for each other.

5. You get into real contracts together.
he doesn't love you anymore
It’s not just about the social contracts that come attached to dating and getting exclusive. It speaks volumes to the commitment you have for one another whenever you start getting into real contracts together. For instance, if you’re using both your names when you put your money down for a new apartment, that’s real commitment right there.

6. You take a trip together with just the two of you.

When two people vacation together, that can serve as a huge test for compatibility. If you and your partner take that step, then you are really serious about being together. No doubt about it.

7. You freely talk about the intimate details of your bodily functions.

Your relationship has reached a level of comfort wherein you don’t cross each other out anymore. You don’t judge one another. You have completely humanized each other to the point where nothing surprises you about the other.

8. You keep your eyes on the future of the relationship.

You are both forward-thinking when it comes to your relationship. You aren’t content with the mere present. Yes, you are having a lot of fun with one another. But you know that if you really want to sustain your love, you have to keep your eyes on the prize. You need to be thinking long-term and that’s a clear indication of commitment.

9. You share your passwords and codes.

Your lives are practically an open book because of how close you’ve gotten to one another in your relationship. You have developed a level of intimacy and trust for one another that a lot of other couples try to emulate for themselves. You trust each other and you know that one would never betray the other.

10. You would willingly do anything for each other no matter how inconvenient.

You go out of your way for one another. You make sacrifices for each other. Your convenience is no longer your priority. You get more joy and fulfillment out of being there for one another no matter how inconvenient it might be.

11. You take each other into account before coming to a decision on anything.

Decision-making isn’t so simple anymore for either of you. You are constantly keeping the other in mind before you come to a decision on anything. You would never want to be rash or haste in your decision-making process because you want to make sure that your partner doesn’t feel left out.

10 signs you’re just forcing your relationship to last

Don’t force things to last.

Relationships are hard to maintain, some work out till the end and some fail no matter how two people work on them. This one is for those of you who think you’re living a lie, those of you who think you’re “dragging the relationship” or are “being dragged with someone”. This is about the harsh realities that all of us have to face at least once in our lives, the harsh realities of the fact that we don’t always get what we want no matter how badly we may want it. If your relationships match more than three signs, you need to sit and talk about it and see where it goes.

1. You fight constantly over measly and petty issues

Two people who care about each other and respect each other tend to ignore measly problems and small issues for the love of their partners. They have a lot of patience for their partners and they don’t want them to get into any arguments with them, they try to avoid arguments with everything they have. But when a relationship is dying, people lose their level of patience and they don’t think twice before fighting over the smallest of things.

2. You don’t think of them before taking big steps anymore

When two people are in love with each other, they make sure that their love plays a big part in the important steps of their lives, they make sure that their partners are involved in every big decision they take and every big life plan they make. But when love starts dying, we start thinking for ourselves without keeping our partners in mind because they don’t have the same position in our minds anymore. This leads to a lot of fights and a lot of taunts like “You don’t even think of me anymore”.

3. You consume your time in other things more

When two people are in love and are happy with each other, they tend to take out as much time as they can for each other regardless of how busy they are, because love cannot be bothered with busy schedules and no one is busy when it comes to sentiments and feelings. When people start falling out of love, they tend to occupy themselves in other activities more, they tend to do more things that would make them busy and keep them at a distance with their partners. It feels like even the smallest of activities is more important than trying to plan a meetup with your partner.

4. The future doesn’t matter to you anymore

When people are in love, their main motive and goal are to spend a life together; spending a happy life together is the ultimate goal of every relationship. But when love fades away, the future doesn’t really matter anymore because you aren’t as hopeful about it as you once were. So you don’t plan things anymore, you don’t save anymore and you just live life each day as it comes.

5. You find yourself taking an interest in other people

It’s natural to be charmed by someone even when you’re in a relationship, but it’s a completely different thing when you can sometimes imagine a life with those people and think of how different things would have been had it been them. This happens because your heart isn’t completely a hundred percent in that relationship anymore and it’s looking for happiness and peace elsewhere.

6. You start remembering their mistakes

People in love tend to let things go for the sake of their relationships. They let go of the fights and forget the arguments and continue working for a better and happier future. But when love fades away, even the smallest of the fight is remembered and you may use it against them during another fight. This is a very destructive thing to do because the fights never end and the couple is found stuck within a vicious cycle of fights and heated arguments and they can’t remember the last time they were “just okay” with each other.

7. You can’t discuss your feelings without having an argument

This is a continuation to my last point when two people start falling out of love, they tend to develop a fear of sentimental discussions. They don’t want to talk about their feelings because every little topic leads to a fight. This is highly destructive because open communication is a vital part of every long-lasting and happy relationship and people can’t be happy with each other without having complete transparency when it comes to letting the feelings out.

8. “Emotional Silence”

People who are truly in love are very emotional and affectionate with each other. Their actions and their words are filled with emotions and affection. But when love falls out of place, the affection starts dying and the emotions start fading away. You think twice before saying anything sweet because you think your feelings aren’t being cherished and you’re just wasting your emotions on someone who’d just ignore them. This leads to a condition I call “Emotional Silence”.

9. You’re not proud of having them anymore

When someone asks me about my girlfriend, I very happily and proudly tell them about how happy I am to have her in my life. This is because that’s what love does to you, it gives you a very different feeling of pride because of your partner and the love you share together. You don’t think twice before putting up nice pictures with them and talking about them with family and friends. But when love starts dying, people don’t feel the same pride anymore and they tend to ignore the topic of their relationships. They usually say “it’s complicated” or “we are working on it.”.

10. You don’t get scared at the thought of a breakup
The thought of a breakup makes me shiver, it has the same effect on people who are madly in love with each other and are in a happy relationship together. If you’re at a stage in your relationship where you just don’t fear a breakup happening, you’re completely damaged in that relationship and it doesn’t really matter to you.

16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On

Our lives are full of surprises that we can’t simply be prepared for. If you think that nothing can amaze you anymore, take a look at these weird pictures that will be sure to make you exclaim, “What’s going on?”

We have gathered some photos that depict strange things that truly puzzle us.
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On

15. When you’re in a hurry and have no time to explain.
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
© Pechenkya/pikabu
14. “Was not expecting to find a cow in my swimming pool.”
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
© Thiiiou/reddit
13. Carved pearls
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
© d4hm3r/reddit
12. We’re looking forward to Cars 4.
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
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11. A great sense of humor
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
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10. Evil magician
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
© ManInPeas/reddit
9. When you’re really lost:
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
© TheLaudMoac/reddit
8. Are you okay?
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
© harigilly/twitter
7. This cat just saw his owner.
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
© myruk89/pikabu
6. Too narrow
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
© Bakeneko/pikabu
5. All sizes can be found here.
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4. Creepy
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
© poslepiva/pikabu
3. How is this possible?
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© guyrobs/reddit
2. A dog that’s also a dragon
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
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1. Why is it so angry?
16 Photos You Have to Rack Your Brain About Before You See What’s Going On
© Huueta/pikabu
Which photo puzzled you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Dermatologists Share Tips to Reduce Cellulite

You can spend all your life fighting against cellulite without getting any results. It could be due to genetics which means no diet or exercise can help. However, there are some ways to minimize cellulite and make your buttocks appear more shapely.

We at Bright Side were curious about what dermatologists and studies said about the most popular anti-cellulite procedure around and would like to share what we learned with you.

1. Deep massage
Dermatologists Share Tips to Reduce Cellulite
© depositphotos.com
It’s a massage that uses a special vacuum device and rollers. Dermatologists say that it can help circulation and improve the appearance of the skin. The only problem is that the effects don’t last.

To maintain good results, you need to have regular sessions of deep massage, like once a week, for example. But the real downside to this procedure is its price. You may need to fork up lots of money to have sessions like these every week.

2. Creams
Dermatologists Share Tips to Reduce Cellulite
© shutterstock.com
There’s no scientific proof that anti-cellulite creams are effective. But it may moisturize your skin so it looks firmer. Your buttocks will look better but you shouldn’t count on it for a huge result. The only thing that dermatologists are sure about is that they don’t provide long-lasting effects. The therapy must be continued.

In case you decide to try creams, doctors suggest buying an inexpensive variety and giving it 8 weeks to work.

3. Body brushing
Dermatologists say that dry brushing can be effective, but again, you shouldn’t count on seeing huge results. Moreover, you need to have this procedure done over a long period of time. But the good news is, you can do it at home yourself.

Dry brushing should be skipped whenever there’s an active skin infection, otherwise, you risk spreading the germs around. Undergo this procedure no more than twice per week. If your skin is too irritated, have a dry brushing session less often, or quit it altogether. You can pick any brush made of natural materials.

How to do dry brushing:

Brush your skin using clockwise motions.
Use light pressure where your skin is thin and brush harder over thicker skin.
After dry brushing, take a cool shower to help remove any dry skin. Then apply some oil to smooth it out.
4. Devices based on radiofrequency
Research has shown that radiofrequency devices are effective at reducing cellulite. In a study, 16 people were tested. They underwent this treatment twice a week over the course of 6 weeks and there was a 71.87% decrease in thigh circumference and 25% improvement of cellulite.

By using RF energy to heat fat, your skin tightens and blood circulation increases, which in time, helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

5. Professional treatment
Dermatologists Share Tips to Reduce Cellulite
© shutterstock.com
Dermatologists say that some special procedures performed by experts can be very effective at reducing cellulite. One of the most useful of these is known as subcision. This manipulation breaks up tough bands that cause cellulite. But be sure to consult with your doctor before undergoing this treatment.

232 patients were studied and 99% of them were satisfied with the effect. The results can last for up to 2 years. Practitioners have noticed improvement even after one session.

Which treatment do you usually do to make your buttocks look perfect? What procedures have you tried in order to minimize cellulite? Were they effective?