Merry Christmas Su…and a Happy New Year…

Thank you for being this incredible human that I admire and respect so much..

You are these awesome bunch of cells and every cell is loved by all those around you..

2021 has been the worst year of my life…meeting you has made 2021 one of the best years of my life…

Spending so much time with you has been intense, crazy, fun, adventurous, educational and so much more..

I fucking love spending time with you, I love getting to know you more and more, I love talking to you, I love having the best time with you full of fun, laughter and love and I cannot wait to make so many more memories with you..

I take you all in…I see you – emotionally, physically and mentally more than I can describe and I will always motivate you, encourage you and be here for you in whatever capacity, especially as a comedian ;-)..

For as long as we are in each other’s lives I will do all I can to make you smile and to make you happy …. As happy as you make me..

I love you beyond words..always, forever and even after..but more importantly..I respect and care about you for a lifetime and beyond..

We both care hard, love hard, enjoy making each other smile hard and mean the world to each other..that is never going to change..

Love You B.A