21 Beauty Treatment With Gross But Satisfying Results

Looking beautiful is every woman’s desire as it boosts self-esteem and makes you feel happier, confident, and more valued. However sometimes beauty comes at a cost.

We might just have an option for you to look beautiful without having to spend lots of money products. The following secrets will have you looking gorgeous

Scroll down and take a look at these bizarre treatments.

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1. Boa Constritor Snake Massage

Stimulates the blood flow and stimulates cerebral circulation which helps strengthens the immune system

2. Japanese Nightingale Droppings Facial Mask

Commonly known as Geisha Facial is a rare and effective facial treatment for over 400 years in Japanese history.

3. This peel-off liquid latex makes doing your nails a breeze.

If you always make a mess out of your manicure you need liquid latex.

4. This exfoliating foot mask may be unsightly, but it will leave your feet smooth and callus free.

Wrap the sheet masks around each of your feet and leave them on for an hour your feet will be super smooth.

5. Facial Cryotherapy

6. Electronic facial spatula.

This facial spatula exfoliates your skin and helps extract blackheads!

7. Lip scrub…

Winter can wreak havoc your lip’s sensitive skin, and lip balms can only do so much. Exfoliate your lips with a scrub to get smooth lips and then apply lip balm.

8. Peel-off charcoal mask

Lets you see all the nasty stuff that was clogging up your pores steam your face before applying the mask for best results.

9. Pimple patches.

Hydrocolloid patches absorbs secretions and gets rid of those pesky pimples overnight.

10 Fire Facial

Therapists use open flames to regenerate cells for a youthful appearance. A towel soaked in alcohol is applied to the face and is then set on fire. Once it becomes too hot and unbearable the flames area quenched. This procedure is said to treat wrinkles and sagging, and also burn fat.

11. Copper tongue scraper

Keeps your breath fragrant and your tongue pink by removing loads of bacteria.

12. Bee Sting Facial

Bee sting venom is applied to the face, it causes the skin to react as though it has been stung, in turn stimulating blood flow, collagen, and elasticity.

13. Leech Therapy

Leech therapy is a treatment that originates from ancient Egypt; it involves placing medical leeches on your skin and allowing them to suck, or detoxify, your blood. Medicinal leeches secrete an enzyme that acts as an anticoagulant and promotes blood flow.

14. Vampire Facelift

For this procedure, blood is extracted from your arm and re-injected into your face with a needle to boost collagen production and elasticity in the skin giving a youthful complexion.

15. Nostril waxing…

Dark nose hairs peeping out of your nostrils can be distracting.

16. Thai Slap Massage

This Thai treatment involves a therapist slapping your face to prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Repeated face slapping is said to stimulate circulation and relax the muscles.

17. Velaterapia

Is a process where your hair is twisted and held over a lit candle. The burning is meant to cause split ends and other damaged parts of the hair to stick out, so that they can be fried off.

18. Snake Skin Manicure

This manicure uses naturally shed snakeskin for nail art. Manicurists cut the snakeskin to fit the nails’ shape, seal it in place with gel nail varnish, and then harden it with UV lights.

19. Snail Facial

Snail mucus contains nutrients and antioxidants which contains hyaluronic acid known for its plumping and anti-ageing effects.

20. Mono threading.

The threads stimulate collagen production which helps prevent a saggy neck.

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